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New Tax Rules? No Stress!

Tax season can be stressful, especially now with tax rules that keep changing. Our expert CPA team has come up with easy and convenient ways to learn more about us and our approach.  We provide up to date information on how we achieve the utmost professional tax preparation for our clients, without the headaches!

At Water Street Associates, we work hard to keep the communication flow open with our clients.  We strive to get to know your situation, learn to ask the right questions to provide the best-case tax scenario for your specific fact pattern.  With our creative tax service solutions, like the Taxes at Work employee benefit program, our team of CPAs can even come to your workplace to meet with you and prepare your tax returns and answer tax questions.

No time for face-to-face?  We have a secure digital portal in place, which allows you to upload your documents to us safely, at your convenience, and access your returns digitally via PDF once complete.

Want to sit down in our office?  Come in, we’ll make you feel at home at each of our locations.  There’s always videoconferencing, too, if we don’t have an office near youLearn more about us and our CPA and operations team.

Complex tax issues?  Our team of CPAs specialize in complicated tax scenarios from multi-state filings, IRS and state representation, and we have solid experience with various stock transactions, i.e., incentive stock options (ISO), non-qualifying stock options (NQSO), restricted stock units (RSU), employee stock purchase plans (ESPP). Doing year-end tax planning in this area can help greatly to determine your tax position, especially with the new tax rules.

Working and living abroad?  Our Taxes Abroad solution exclusively caters to US expatriates and foreign nationals to the US with specialized tax filings, including experience with IRS Amnesty Programs relating to the FBAR disclosure, compliance, PFIC income issues and more.  In fact, our chief CPAs, Michael and Tricia, have a core specialty in US expatriate tax service from working at Big-4 accounting firms early in their career.

Tax planning to avoid surprises at year end?  Don’t be penny-wise pound foolish with the new tax rules.  No one wants to be surprised during tax season.  Get ahead of the game by making decisions based on solid information and numbers about withholding.  We specialize in comprehensive tax planning and can provide a personalized approach that fits your scenario.  We bring the Big-4 CPA expertise that we’re known for to any size business.  We want you to achieve your best case scenario and not be afraid to pick up the phone to ask a question.

Our Pricing.  Our number one focus is to grow with our clients and establish long term relationships with them while working as efficiently as possible.  We get a lot of calls from people who “just want to file as cheaply as possible.”  If so, then our personalized approach may not be for you — we run complex scenarios to ensure that our clients get the right answers to maximize their tax benefit and those take time, experience, and expertise that our team has acquired over many years.  Get a quote today.

Integrity & Commitment

Water Street Associates is dedicated to providing the highest level of service in a personalized way.

We have a clearly defined set of core values, which we are proud to stand by and share with you. Our seasoned team of CPAs and tax professionals will work in your best interest to ensure you achieve your optimal tax scenario, and guide you towards the best decisions to make for your personal or business tax situation.

Our Core Values

  • Help our clients achieve a stress-free tax season.
  • Make a positive change to our clients’ quality of life by providing efficiency and convenience.
  • Foster long term working relationships based on trust.
  • Keep commitments, promises, and make things right.
  • Provide exceptional service to our clients at competitive prices.
  • Create a non-corporate culture for our employees that’s fun and provide a learning environment for individual growth.
  • It’s not just about us. We give back to our community and make a difference in people’s lives.