For Individuals



We got you. Getting ahead of tax season makes a big difference with our CPA tax planning services. Our CPA team has solid expertise in stock compensation tax issues including RSUs, ESPPs, ISOs, NSOs. Our high-level tax planning and preparation strategies help you make educated decisions and determining your tax position.


Personal Tax Returns

Once you’re our client, our CPAs will take as much time as needed to explore avenues to optimize your tax situation. We specialize in everything from stock compensation, gift tax, expatriate, foreign national issues, multi-state returns, including determining state of residency for tax purposes (this related especially now with Covid-19 with employees working remotely). We help by mapping out a strategy for your person tax returns that makes sense for you.  Our goal is to make your tax season fast, easy and stress free, year after year!


US Expatriate Tax Services

US citizens working and living abroad face unique tax challenges and opportunities. Water Street Associates specializes in US expatriate tax service and preparation. Significant tax benefits are available to individuals who qualify, and with our expert knowledge of US Expatriate Tax Services, we can help you take advantage of everything that living abroad affords you. Whether you are in London, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Sao Paulo or anywhere across the globe our US expatriate CPA tax team is available to you.


Amending Tax Returns

Our CPA team has solid experience amending tax returns.  We will review past returns to make certain that you have taken full advantage of all applicable tax benefits offered. You might even get a tax refund!


IRS and State Representation

Our CPA team has years of experience with IRS and State representation.  We utilize our expertise to evaluate your tax position in the most professional and beneficial way for you.


Year-End Tax Planning

Quarterly and year-end tax planning ensures that you maximize your earnings and minimize your tax liability.  As experienced CPAs, we will understand your scenario and share our knowledge to guide and provide you with expert advice that will positively position you for the future.  Read some of our tax tips for year-end posted on

For Business


Strategic Tax Planning

Water Street goes beyond seasonal tax preparation by proactively helping our clients meet their financial tax goals and objectives. Strategic tax planning offers you our professional advice for your unique set of circumstances, especially with the new tax rules. Whether a sale of a business, acquisition of an asset, there are many situations in life and business that can change your tax scenario. Let our CPAs guide you to make the wisest decision that can have an impact on your future


IRS and State Representation

Our expertise in assisting individuals and businesses with IRS and State representation will position you for the most positive tax outcome.


Amending Tax Returns

As we map out your current and future tax scenario we sometimes recommend amending tax returns from prior years when we uncover preparation errors — amending certain return may lead to tax refund opportunities that you might be missing out on.  When we welcome a new client, our process begins by reviewing prior year returns to scan for possible tax calculation errors.


Quarterly & Year-End Tax Planning

We take a proactive approach in helping our clients meet their financial tax goals and objectives with quarterly & year-end tax planning and projections. Partnering with you on a quarterly basis gives us the opportunity to make certain you will not be surprised at year-end.


Taxes at Work – Financial Wellness

Give the gift of financial wellness and convenience to your employees during tax season! Our Taxes at Work benefit program provides individuals with top quality professional tax preparation in the most convenient fashion at the workplace. Learn more about how our financial wellness program can make your workplace fast, easy and stress free during tax season!

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