Financial Wellness at Work


We believe that financial wellness at work makes happier employees.  A growing trend — employers are increasingly offering financial wellness at work benefit programs to their employees to reduce performance related stress.

We designed Taxes at Work™ in 2008 for a single purpose: to bring CPA expertise and convenience of tax season to workplaces in the US and to US citizens living abroad.  Our goal is to provide awesome tax service and tax planning to every employee who needs it regardless of where they are located.

Water Street’s Taxes at Work™ team is available to help employees succeed by lessening the burden of one of the most stressful times of the year.

Looking to provide a creative and valuable employee benefit to employees at your workplace?  Are employees stressing out with making informed decisions regarding employee stock options?  With Covid-19 our team is fully set up to take on Taxes at Work virtually via Zoom, phone and our collaborative secure portals.

 Here’s why our tax team is the top choice to service employees with  Taxes at Work™:

  • Adaptability to COVID-19 workplace: We offer virtual tax consultations to accommodate employees located anywhere
  • We specialize in tax returns for US expatriate and foreign nationals in the US
  • Our team has solid experience with employee tax issues surrounding stock options, RSUs, ISOs, NSOs, ESPPs and strategic tax planning
  • Employees are notified of which documents to collect for their taxes, making the process easier for them
  • Our fees are competitive with the added plus of having CPAs work on tax returns and provide guidance

The result?  Happier and healthier employees during tax season without stress or worrying about taxes.

An added bonus: our tax team is available to employees throughout the year to answer tax questions and handle special projects, such as filing extensions, amending returns, tax planning, addressing IRS notices, etc.

Give the gift of financial wellness at work this tax season.  Get started this tax season!  

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