Financial Wellness at Work

unnamedWe believe that financial wellness is important not only at home, but in the workplace.  There is a growing trend — employers are increasingly offering financial wellness benefit programs to their employees to reduce performance related stress.

Finally, a financial wellness employee benefit that offers real value

We designed Taxes at Work™ in 2008 for a single purpose: to bring the expertise and convenience of tax season to workplaces in the US and abroad.  Our goal is to provide our awesome tax service to every employee who needs it regardless of where they are located.

No more missing time from work to wait around in tax offices, or anxiously waiting for a call back to get answers.

No more getting charged for every single conversation, either.

Specializing in complex tax returns, such as multi-state filings, trust returns, stock options, US expatriate tax and other complicated tax issues, Water Street’s Taxes at Work™ team is available to help your employees succeed by lessening the burden and stress of one of the most stressful times of the year.

Read our end of year tax tips for employees in the San Francisco Chronicle  (Nov. 5, 2014)

Looking to provide a creative and valuable wellness benefit to employees at your workplace?  Give the gift of financial wellness at work this tax season.  Our team of professionals can melt away the stress of taxes!

 Here’s how easy it is to implement Taxes at Work™:

  • Our tax professionals come on-site at prearranged dates & times that work for those employees interested in having their taxes done.*
  • Employees are notified, in advance, of which documents to bring with them
  • On the days our team is on-site we meet with employees and provide them with an estimate to prepare their return.  We’re usually at a site for the full day, so anyone can pop in and ask a question.
  • Our fees are competitive, with the added plus of having CPAs come to you, not the other way around.

The result?  Happier and healthier employees during tax season with no stress, and no worrying about missing time from work.

An added bonus: our team is available to employees throughout the year to answer tax questions and handle special projects, such as filing extensions, amending returns, addressing IRS notices, etc.

Get started this tax season!  Use our survey to see if Taxes at Work is right for your workplace:   SURVEY EMPLOYEE PARTICIPATION (protected view is enabled)

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